Roll On Monday!

Ok, so not eveybody loves Monday morning and going back to work after the weekend, but I’m hoping for some joy tomorrow morning. The reason for that is I work in the Wellheads industrial estate in Aberdeen. Now someone is building a hotel and (another) industrial estate by Aberdeen Airport. To lay on vital services to the new construction Aberdeen City council has granted the developers a closure on Wellheads Drive for 7 weeks! Traffic access to Dyce has never been good, but when you close down one of the main arteries into the area the result is traffic chaos. I sent an email to the council and got a response from the functionary in charge explaining that nothing could be done about the congestion, but I guess they don’t really care. Tomorrow the 7 weeks are up so goodbye congestion… if the developers have got their act together and actually finished on time.

They could have double shifted on the site and reduced the time required to 4 weeks and it seems nothing was really done about the traffic light phasing in Dyce until everybody started complaining. 🙁

The sad thing is that nobody had paid any consideration to the traffic flows in the area and no doubt when the aforementioned hotel and industrial estate are finally opened, the congestion will be worse grrr!