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C 1560-1590 AD

Year History 1560-90
1569 October. “Ane of the Moffats of Powbudy to ly as plege for the rest aye that gang on Sunday next at Dumfries under pane of two thowsand marks”
1570 Quhick Day “of the moffetis of Bludewuse in Dumfries on Sunday next ,under pane of two thousand marks David Moffet of Hewykis interit pledge for himself,William Sym, Christie his brother, their bairnes, tenents and servandis and also for the hail gang of Powbudy to be interghaseit with ane of the twa brother of the said David and James Moffat of Powbudy”>
1578 18th October. “William Moffat sone of James Moffat of Powbudy to lye as plege for guid order and quietness of the Borders”-Stirling Castle
1582 28th June. Johne Moffet & Robert Moffet fined £500 and bound over not to “holde intercourse with declarit trators”
1583 8th May. David Moffat of Sybellsyde,Math Moffat of Woodend(called Daveschaw) charged and found guilty of fire raising,slaying and hocking of hors and oxin” Holyrood
1583 27th August. Gilbert Hay of Monkstown complained that “William Moffat of Arriestanes, Robert Moffat and his son thair James Moffat of Meikleimside, James Moffat of Meikleholme, James Moffat of Carigholme, John Moffat and his sone William Moffat, James Moffet of the town of Moffet, Thomas Moffet, Gilbert Moffet his bruither, James Moffat called `Scald James’ and David Moffat of Altown came on 1st of April to the town and lands of Nether Mynyeane owned by Gilbert Hay, and chaisit the haill holt & scheip and drownyng the maist part of thame in the waters of the Tweide, and took away guids and hail insichts” Court denounced them as Rebels.
1583 25thNovember. Act of Forfeiture made against David Moffat of Sibbiehelfied and Mathew Moffat of Woodend and others for “High Treason”
1587 Moneypennys Chronicle said that there were 65 Lairds and Gentlemen living in Dumfrieshire and the stewartry of Kirkudbright and these included the Laird of Knock and the Gudemen of Granton and Beidesbek , three Moffats.
1587 July. Scottish Parliament declared the Moffets to be “an unruly clan of the Western Marches”
1590 10th June. “Laird of Knock to find caution for the good behaviour of the Moffatts” – Holyrood

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