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A 900-1500AD

Date History 900-1500 AD
1095? William de Mont Alto(later Mowat,sometimes Moffat) married youngest daughter of Andlaw of Norway
1268 Nicholas de Moffet was Bishop of Glasgow
1296 Robert and Thomas de Moffet did homage to Edward 1st in “Ragmans Roll”
1297 Moffats helped Wallace construct his “big ditch deep enough to hide a man on horseback and paved with stones on edge” .Between the Tweed and Yarrow
1300 Robert the Bruce,Lord Annandale, granted four land charters in the Barony of Westerkirk to the Moffats one of these was Adam Moffat of Knock.
1314 Adam Moffat and his brother fought at the Battle of Bannockburn
1336 King of England granted safe conduct to William de Moffete as ambassador of David the Bruce(Son of Robert the Bruce)
1337 Walter de Moffet,Archdeacon of Midlothian appointed ambassador to France
1342 Sir John Douglas(Lord Annandale) granted the feu of Granton and Reddings to Moffat
1347 Walter de Moffet was appointed Kings Messenger to England,France and the Marches

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