Friday, 19 of January 2018


Moffat Family Tartan WR1129

When Major Francis Moffat of that Ilk M.C. was recognised as Chief of the Name and House of Moffat, by Lord Lyon in 1983, after the family had been without a chief for 420 years, a family tartan based on the Douglas was introduced to commemorate early family connections. The source of tartan 1129 was: Major Francis Moffat of that Ilk

Moffat District Tartan WR1139

The sett is based on a fractional count in the notes made by John MacGregor Hastie in the 1930’s. There is a similarity with the Murray of Tullibardine sett, in the centre portion, which was favoured in the Border districts to show support for the Jacobite cause in the early 18th century. The source of tartan 1139 was: MacGregor Hastie collection.

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