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The Moffat DNA Project plans to perform the Y-DNA Test on men with the Moffat surname

(including all variant spellings).

We have selected Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), one of the most prominent research firms in this field,

for our “Y” chromosome DNA project.

FTDNA is an American company based in Houston, Texas founded strictly for performing genealogical

DNA testing and analysis.

They work closely with Dr. Michael Hammer of the University of Arizona.

Dr. Hammer is highly respected geneticist who is actively pursuing DNA surname research.

The sampling technique is painless and only involves the use of a small brush to collect

a small amount of cells from the inside of a person’s cheek.

The participant administers the test in the privacy of his own home.

If your Moffat research has hit a “stone wall”, DNA analysis could be

the break through you have been looking for,

to push your Moffat genealogy research back generations,

by finding connections to other Moffat family Lines.

The study may help answer these questions:

  1. How many different common male ancestors are associated with the Moffat surname?
  2. How your Moffat ancestors are related to other families with the Moffat surname?
  3. How the different Moffat family lines are related?
  4. Are all Moffat from an ancestral country related,
  5. or are there many different families with the name Moffat?
  6. Can a connection between the Moffat’s from Scotland, Ireland and the North of England be made?

in terms of number of generations since the separation occurred.

A Word of Caution

There is always a possibility that you could get disappointing test results.

Samples that vary by three or more markers from the main group may do so for a number of

reasons. One possibility is that they represent distinct lines either older or younger than the currently

observed most frequent line. Another is that there has been a “non-paternal event” at an unknown past time.

There are several possible types of non-paternal event in addition to a pregnancy gained outside of a marriage.

For example, a child may be adopted and given the Moffat name; a man may take the Moffat name

when he marries a Moffat daughter; a Moffat man may marry a pregnant woman whose husband has died;

a couple where the wife is the Moffat may choose to give their children the Moffat name for various reasons;

clerical error in recording administrative data may assign a Moffat name to the wrong person, and so on.

It should be stressed that adoptions were quite common in every age

(i.e.. parents died by disease or war and a relative took in the children and raised them with their name;

or young daughters had a child out of wedlock and the parents raised it as their own).

Some may not want to see a result indicating a “non-paternal event”

but we are all legal Moffat and a small sample size could be misleading.

One may get a DNA sequence which suggests a “non-paternal event”

but they could be of the original blood Moffat line. Let me explain.

Twenty people are tested and 19 are very similar but the last is clearly different.

It could turn out that the 19 descend from the same person 300 years ago

and this person was an adopted Moffat while the other is of the original blood line

going back hundreds of years. It could also indicate that the name Moffat

has been taken some time in the distant past by a follower of the then Clan Chief.

In 2016 we have currently 89 testees, some have had exact matches and now know of

blood relatives that go beyond their written family records.

If you are interested in having your DNA taken please visit the FTDNA website

by the link and enter surname Moffat.

All your questions should be answered. We look forward to welcoming you to the project.

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