Friday, 19 of January 2018

E 1650-Present

Year History 1650-1999
1658 James and David Moffat moved from Granton to Crofthead
1744 Garwald in Eskdalemuir leased by Moffats
1759 Last of the Moffats in Gardenholm died
1817 Craick in Borthwick Water leased by Moffats
1906 Ended 600 years of tenancy of Midknock by Moffats
1911 William Moffat(Son of Francis) bought Hawkshaw in Tweedsmuir
1920 Francis Moffat bought Craigbeck and Garrowgill
1935 William Moffat bought Fingland
1937 Francis Moffat died
1948 William Moffat died
1950 Garwald Lease given up
1983 Francis Moffat confirmed as Clan Chief by Lord Lyon
1992 Francis Moffat died, Daughter assumed position as Clan Chief

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