Friday, 19 of January 2018

D 1590-1650 AD

Year History 1590-1650
1593 William Moffat elected one of the Bailies of St Andrews –confirmed by the King
1594 Scottish Parliament “Measures to be taken to suppress the lawless Moffats and other Border Clans”
1609 James 6th commisission looking into the lawlessness of the Borders despersed the main culprits ,Moffat lands were sold to the Johnstones .After the Despersement only a few members of the family survived in Scotland and from these descended the principal Moffat families of Sundaywell,Lochurr and Stroqhan in Dumfrieshire and the two at Edenhall and Harperton in Roxburghshire.
1628 Granton and Reddings sold to the Johnstones to relieve overwhelming debts

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