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WELCOME! two new members KASSANDRA MOFFATT from Australia who attended the AGM & Tattoo 

ALISON PARFITT (Moffat Scottish, English  & Irish links) from Norfolk.

16 August 2017


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PORTRAIT OF KATHARINE MOFFAT WHIPPLE of Moffatt-Ladd House…/katharine-moffatt-whipple


Thomas Moffatt (c. 1702–1787) Scottish-born physician, studied at Edinburgh and Leyden, and followed his uncle John Smibert, the painter, to Newport in 1729. There he practiced medicine, collected art, and became librarian and director of the Redwood Library. He established a snuff mill and brought Gilbert Stuart, father of the painter, from Scotland to manage it. A member of a club of Newport conservatives, Moffatt strongly supported the strengthening of royal authority in the colonies, as this letter shows. During the Stamp Act disturbances he was hanged in effigy, his house was sacked, and his paintings, books, and scientific instruments destroyed. The British government compensated him by appointment as collector of customs at New London. In 1775 he took refuge in Boston with the army and then went to England, where he lived out his life on a pension of £200.  note: Buried St. George’s Hanover Square London 1787.

Henry Wilder Foote, John Smibert, Painter (Cambridge, Mass., 1950), esp. pp. 34, 46–7; Edmund S. and Helen M. Morgan, The Stamp Act Crisis Prologue to Revolution (Chapel Hill, [1953]), pp. 47–52, 145–8, 301.


NEWER MEMBERS – please do not miss the fascinating story of Robert Moffat and his life and death at the time of the Thirty Years War as researched and defined by Colin our Genealogist  – his birth brief updated.   Scroll down to lick on Link below.

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Colin Moffat’s most fascinating account of the life of Robert Moffat, Scottish nobleman who went to Scandinavia to fight in the Thirty Years War and married into the Swedish aristocracy, in a journey back to Scotland to retrieve records of his aristocratic genealogy he was tragically drowned in a shipwreck.  Link on this page.



Delighted to report – STOP PRESS! that Kassandra Moffatt visitor from Australia met up with Clan members at Moffat and

attended the Tattoo with Madame Jean and Clan members.

Thank you all for organising the times and dates to fit in for this event and thank you very much Moffat On Line for very efficient liaison.


Friday 11th August 2017 which was also our AGM weekend.

Sadly Darcey PETERS, who was flying in from Canada,  due to a sudden illness was not able to travel .

We send our very best wishes to Darcey for a swift recovery back to good health.


Moffitt/Moffat family – origin FORFAR SCOTLAND – link of interest.  Follow up if any connection. See further details on Genealogy page.

<<My gg-gf came to Australia in 1841, Peter Moffat, from Forfar. My wife and I plan on writing a history and feeding our tree into the worldwide ones which doesn’t seem to have happened so far. We live in central west NSW.>>

a fascinating history relating to just part of this family’s tree

much of which is recorded on our own Clan database and detailed elsewhere in the Cumberbatch family web site with

links to the West Indian slave trade and Herefordshire mansion owners /  see actor Benedict Cumberbatch photographs]. ssee below SAD NEWSPAPER REPORT OF MRS

TEST PILOT ALAN MOFFET see story below of recent commemoration————————–

From BBC News On Line and highlighted by our Genealogist Colin Moffat, who was  at the Commemoration Ceremony:<<<The family of a World War Two pilot killed during a jet gala event returned to the place he is believed to have died 70 years ago.

Sqn Ldr Alan Moffet was due to perform a fly-past over Whetstone, Leicestershire, when his jet spiralled out of control and crashed in a field.

The fatal flight on 21 July 1945 was part of a test for the Meteor 281 aircraft.

A memorial bench in Blaby has been unveiled, next to the crash site.

The flight was part of an event organised by Power Jets – a British company set up by Sir Frank Whittle for the purpose of designing and manufacturing jet engines.>>>>>

Sqn Ldr Moffet’s granddaughter, Becky Jones, said: “We gradually looked into what happened on the day of his death and family mythology had it slightly differently to how a newspaper reports it.

“We thought it was a myth he was at an airshow but it actually was.

“I’ve got a copy of the RAF crash report but it doesn’t really show what exactly happened and why he lost control of the plane.”

 Alan Moffet served as a pilot officer, flight lieutenant and squadron leader in the RAF before becoming a chief pilot for the Power Jets test flight at Bruntingthorpe.

Shirley Smith, crash eyewitness and chairman of Blaby Heritage and Museum Society, said: “I’m particularly interested because he was a courageous man.

“He was awarded The Air Force Cross (AFC) when he was a pilot officer and the AFC is only awarded to people that are really courageous but not in the field of conflict, which adds to the secrecy of it.

“He was not in combat but he was winning the war by developing a jet engine with Sir Frank Whittle.

More news on the Birth Brief of Robert Moffat (1619-1673) –
click on link below for the full fascinating story

Robert Moffat’s Birth Brief-2


CUMBRIA FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY AUGUST 2017 Newsletter  : re variations in recording of occupations. Peter Park’s very useful article :

COLLIER (which many of us would take to be coal miner) in Furness meant a charcoal burner;
WEAVING in Kendal meant wool, Carlisle almost invariably cotton and in Furness it could be either or even linen.

The August edition also includes our Publicity Officer Barbara Munns’ information about Clan Moffat UK including our web site

and who to contact to join.

As many Scots crossed the border to live/work in Cumbria and Moffats did frequently, that possibility always worth bearing in mind.


Sandy November 14th, 2016 @ 15:55
Our thoughts go out to the people on NZ after another terrible earthquake yesterday 13 Nov 2016

Struck By Lightning

from Berwick newspaper 14th August, 1868 – p3 – BELFORD
On Thursday morning thunder was heard in the distance at Belford, a great
deal of lightning was seen, and a slight shower fell. The heat in the morning
and forenoon was oppressive even under a heavily clouded sky, and at noon
the thermometer in the shade was 74 degrees. In the afternoon about two
o’clock, a terrific thunderstorm broke over the town and neighbourhood, rain
fell in torrents, and the roads in the locality were flooded. Mrs Virtue Moffatt,
Belford, had gone with Mr George Gibson’s children in a conveyance to Budle
Bay, which is about three miles from Belford, for the purpose of bathing the
children. The storm was raging in dreadful fury when the party reached the
sea. Mrs Martha Davis, and the nurse Mary Ann Goodwill, tried to persuade
Mrs Moffatt to return and not bathe in such an appalling storm, but their
entreaties were of no avail. Mrs Moffatt had bathed one child and the nurse
had taken it away to bring another, when Mrs Moffatt was struck by the
electric fluid and fell down in the water. A person named Gray, who is living
in a house adjoining Mrs Jane Henderson’s, Blacksmith’s Arms, had come
from his work and was changing his clothes, (the window of his house faces
the sea), when missing Mrs Moffatt, who had fallen down in the water,
he hastened to the scene of the melancholy disaster,
but the unfortunate ladwas just expiring, and in a few minutes life
was quite extinct. The body was
removed to Mrs Jane Henderson’s, which is about a hundred yards from the
fatal spot. The electric fluid had struck deceased on the left temple and her
left shoulder and side were much discoloured from the effects of the fire. An
inquest was held on Saturday by J. J. Hardy, Esq., coroner, the verdict as
above. The body was quite supple. The deceased was a widow, 60 years of
age, and leaves two sons to mourn her loss. She was interred at Belford on


Moffat Tartanfrom the internet: +  Life Story of Hamish Forbes Moffat.


New member Connie in Canada is looking for  links with family of Cumberland : Orton/Brampton –who emigrated last century (Moffitt/Forster marriage) and has submitted her tree to Colin for addition to the database.  Any member who thinks they might relate please make contact.  



His time in Uganda and follow up till his death in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)

A very interesting read.    Betty


Morphett, Morfett,Wallis/Wallace: Clan UK database

Links on Clan database picked up by descendant David Moulder (Essex) looking for contacts and researching grandfather

  • Alfred Edmund Wallis of Leyton, Royal Fusiliers WW1  died Whipps X Hospital 1924
  • married Jane Morfett.  Morfetts Hanover Square/Battersea/Paddington/E. London. 


A Scotsman to be very proud of…

programme viewable on BBC2 and a brilliant true story.

Moffat variants info: e book link




<<I came across this published historical book looking for information in relation to
Nesbitt surname. Link to pdf online version that can also be saved as a PDF file.>>



Following contact by MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY

(Dr.R Scott Spurlock)

we are pleased to have been invited to contribute/add information/search their new web site,

as follows:






<<<We are currently looking for ways in which our work can benefit genealogists and local historians and vice-versa. We are working on a database (but which is in its very early stages) that will allow details of individuals to be added. It is a very basic website, but it has great potential for mapping and keeping stats.

url for the site:

Any additions would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks for getting in touch and for the fascinating information and leads.
All good wishes,

Dr. R. Scott Spurlock, FRHistS FSA Scot
Editor of The Records of the Scottish Church History Society>>